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    You walk into a room full of attractive people, all dressed very similarly except for that one woman in the little red dress. The little red dress is an immediate way to get someone’s attention without saying a word. The Who’s Viewed Your Profile feature on LinkedIn has the same effect and you can use this to your advantage to get noticed on LinkedIn. linkedin who's viewed your profile

    If you’re looking for employment, trying to pitch your latest product or service to a major buyer, or looking to rekindle an old business relationship the subtleness of showing up in the Who’s Viewed Your Profile list of another member’s LinkedIn account can be a great way to establish yourself as top-of-mind to someone with whom you may or may not already be connected.

    The little red dress may not seal the deal but it can be a first point of contact, turning a cold lead into a warm one. It can also be a reason for someone with whom you’d like to connect to view your profile if your headline appears interesting enough.

    To use this feature be sure to enable others to see that you’ve viewed their profile in LinkedIn, instructions are below.

    1.) In LinkedIn click on Privacy & Settings at the top right of the screen under your profile photo
    2.) Go to Profile and under Privacy Control select the option Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile
    3.) Be sure your name and headline is selected (the first option)

    Voila! Start finding those interesting people and enticing them with your little red dress!



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